The «Sweet Swap» project

For Year 6, the last month has been teeming with activities and celebrations as they were wrapping up their last moments in the Primary Stage. Their school year ended on a rather delicious note: The ‘Sweet Swap’ project.

In collaboration with a school in Poland, Year 6 from our school and theirs, swapped sweets and snacks typical of our respective countries. We prepared a video explaining some of the items we were sending them and took photos and videos of the ‘unboxing’ of their goodies to us.

Below, you can get a glimpse of the mayhem and laughter of the activity. The kids had a fantastic time making the videos, which they knew were going to be watched by kids their age in another country. And, of course, they could not contain their excitement as they tried the Polish delicacies!

julio 4, 2022